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Baker Hughes / Perforator FacilityHempsteadTXUSA19B-0003 (Active)
BashVzryvTechnologii, CJSCSamara Russian Federation19B-0025 (Active)
Chuannan Energy Technology Co., Ltd / Perforator FacilityLuzhou CitySichuan ProvincePeople's Republic of China19B-0013 (Active)
Daqing Perforating Charge PlantDaqing CityHeilongjiangPeople's Republic of China19B-0008 (Active)
DynaEnergetics Europe GmbHTroisdorf Germany19B-0004 (Active)
ETASA GROUPBuenos Aires Argentina19B-0006 (Active)
GEODynamics, Inc.MillsapTXUSA19B-0015 (Active)
Hunting Titan Inc.MilfordTXUSA19B-0018 (Active)
Jet Research Center (Halliburton)AlvaradoTXUSA19B-0005 (Active)
Jilin City Shuanglin Perforation Equipment Co., Ltd.Jilin CityJilin ProvincePeople's Republic of China19B-0028 (Active)
North Schlumberger Oilfield Technologies(Xi'an) Co., Ltd.Xi'anShaanxiPeople's Republic of China19B-0020 (Active)
Oilfield Production Services, CJSCSterlitamak CityRepublic of BashkortostanRussian Federation19B-0027 (Active)
Owen Oil ToolsGodleyTXUSA19B-0007 (Active)
Promperforator, Ltd.Chapayevsk Russian Federation19B-0017 (Active)
Schlumberger / Rosharon FacilityRosharonTXUSA19B-0001 (Active)
Shandong North Civil Demolition Tools Co., LTDZiboShandongPeople's Republic of China19B-0031 (Active)
Sichuan Petroleum Perforating Materials Co., Ltd. / Perforator ProgramNeijiang CitySichuanPeople's Republic of China19B-0009 (Active)
Vzryvgeoservice, Inc. (VGS, Inc.)NeftekamskRepublic BashkortostanRussian Federation19B-0019 (Active)
Weatherford - Atlas Gip S.A.PloiestiPrahovaRomania19B-0037 (Active)
Xi'an WuHua JuNeng Blasting Equipment Co., Ltd.Xi'an CityShaanxi ProvincePeople's Republic of China19B-0030 (Active)
Yingkou Double Dragon Perforating Equipment Co., Ltd. (DDPEC)YingkouLiaoningPeople's Republic of China19B-0010 (Active)
ZAC PERFORATING S.A de C.V.ZacatecasZacatecasMexico19B-0021 (Active)